The middle hour is as purely enjoyable as the MCU

The middle hour is as purely enjoyable as the MCU

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The middle hour is as purely enjoyable as the MCU has ever been,

but there are times when I wished I could sense a human touch below the incredibly-polished,

carefully-planned surface of “Avengers: Endgame.”

In the long build-up first hour, I longed for one of the pregnant pauses about the seriousness of the situation to lead to something that felt

spontaneous or an acting decision that didn’t feel like it had been run through a committee. Every single aspect of

“Endgame” has been foreshadowed for years by other films and finely tuned by the hundreds of people it takes to make a movie like this one.

The result is a film that often feels more like a product than a piece of art. Roger Ebert once famously wrote that “video games can never be art,”

but he may have been surprised to see art becoming more like a video game, something remarkably programmed and determined,

lacking anything that really challenges the viewer.

However, people aren’t lining up at dawn for “Avengers: Endgame” to challenge them. ดูหนังออนไลน์ 

It’s really about rewarding commitment, fandom, and expectations.

Whatever its flaws, “Endgame” does all of that, and with a sincere admiration for the fans who have made this universe a true cultural phenomenon.

The stakes are high and the conclusions actually feel resonant.

It’s an epic cultural event, the kind of thing that transcends traditional film criticism to become a shared experience with fans around the world.

The biggest question I had coming out was how they could possibly top it ten years from now.