The Development of UFA & Qo Facilities in Russia

The Development of UFA & Qo Facilities in Russia

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ccording to reports, the Bashkortostan region
of Ufa is fast developing into a major oil and gas producer.
Ufa has ambitious plans to exploit geologically diverse
but productive shale deposits in the region.
The region is situated in the so-called ‘oil triangle’,
between Russia, Iran and Central Asia.
It lies in the north west of Russian Asia.
The Bashkortostan economy, according to most Russian analysts,
is witnessing great potential,
with oil and gas revenues anticipated in the forthcoming years.
The healthy financial status,
low interest rates and sound money position of Ufa have prompted
the International Financial Reporting Standards
to change the outlook on the Russian economy, the agency stated.

The new positive outlook for ufa is the reason why many international

banks are now investing in the country, according to estimates.

The local currency of ufa is currently valued at around 1.7 rubles, which is slightly higher than the national currency.

The first objective of UFA is the establishment of a purely secure economic platform.

The government of ufa has been consistent in its commitment

to achieving this goal, meeting all of its obligations regarding

the implementation of a balanced economic system,

both on the monetary and the fiscal side.

The new framework provides for a fully fledged increase in the volume of gas exports, with the introduction of new terminals in Kazbekova, Taldy and Krasnodon.

A massive construction project is also being executed in the region of Taldy,

in order to expand the existing petroleum refineries there and to build new ones. A further ambitious plan

envisaging the development of a massive

liquefied gas plant in cooperation with China and India is also under consideration. In the coming years,

one of the objectives of ufa will be the introduction of a comprehensive scheme

for the development of the economy and raising the level of domestic consumption.  แทงบอลออนไลน์