Striking Rooms That Prove the Transformative Power of Skylights

Striking Rooms That Prove the Transformative Power of Skylights

Sea Toned Contemporary Living Room with Striking Stone Firepalce -  Contemporary - Living Room - San Diego - by Eldorado Stone

There are so many reasons to invest in skylights,

from the architectural intrigue

they present to all that natural light

they allow to pour into your space from above.

And the good news is, there are tons of different

options for varying budgets, lifestyle needs,

and aesthetic preferences.

Some of them are comparable to adding a window to your

roof—like ventilating skylights,

which open and closed and fixed skylights,

which provide the same lighting benefits but don’t

open and close like a window,—while others,

like tilt window skylights, are great for sloped rooflines.

There are also ultra-modern tech-optimized

ones like this one.

So get to know all the different types of skylights

ahead as well as the best ways to use

them and how to decorate around them.

Then weigh the options and determine which ones make sense

practically and style-wise in your own space.

Here’s to brighter, chicer interiors from top to bottom.

Pitched Skylights
Gardening spaces, mudrooms,

and really any kind of space that straddles the line between indoors and out is a perfect candidate for skylights.

It helps ease the transition.

A pyramid skylight, pictured here,

is much more bold and eye-catching in design than one without grids or a flat-roof option.

They can be customized based on your pitch and slope n eeds and are usually mounted on a curb on the roof when being installed. สถาปนิก