Nichols has spent her entire life in Los Angeles, and her home

Nichols has spent her entire life in Los Angeles, and her home

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Nichols has spent her entire life in Los Angeles, and her home reflects the interwoven strands of the city’s artistic legacy. It is both organic and minimal, modern and timeless, with a Zen discipline. The feeling is part Richard Neutra, part Frank Lloyd Wright. The structure itself has fine proportions, and the view is spectacular, but with “none of the vulgarity and grandeur” of the usual Hollywood vistas, she notes. The couple own an array of beautiful furniture and objects, each carefully chosen and given space to breathe. “I am the kind of person who gives things away, who relinquishes them,” she says. “I like things to become simpler.”

The former owners had painted the redwood interior beige, “like a Yosemite camping retreat,” Nichols recalls, so after she and her husband bought the house, they sandblasted and wire-brushed it back to its original state. Because the reddish patina has grown darker each year through oxidation, they are conscious of lightening the place with pale grays and off-whites, though plenty of sunshine pours in through the massive windows to do the job naturally. A vintage lounge chair by George Mulhauser is covered in sheepskin, for contrast, and one wall is dominated by a Jason Meadows sculpture made of painted folded aluminum. In what is arguably the house’s perfect set piece, the dining area’s graceful Biedermeier chairs offset the strongly geometric Charlotte Perriand table. “I love the Biedermeier moment,” Nichols says. “It’s feminine, minimal, and rococo at the same time.” ออกแบบบ้าน

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