It was the light that enchanted Grattan most when he viewed

It was the light that enchanted Grattan most when he viewed

It was the light that enchanted Grattan most when he viewed the apartment for the first time.

And it was the light’s progress that he tracked for over a year as he lived in the virtually empty space before he felt ready to begin decorating.

“I get rainbows on the walls around 5:30 p.m.,

and the sunsets are amazing,” he says.

To enhance the effect, he installed a wall of mirrors

at the far end of the living room, and another one above the sofa. The natural light from the windows interacts with the mirrors,

which in turn reflect each other, creating waves and sparks of unexpected luminescence.

Throughout his home, Grattan’s perfectionism is on display.

He designed most of the furniture in the space, including the wall-mounted sideboard that extends across the entire back wall in the living room. In the bathroom,

he moved the showerhead to make way for the installation of a bronze-glass door, then hung a fern above the entrance.

“At night,” he says, “the mirrors, water, and foliage create the sexiest shadows. It’s a really beautiful experience.”

If Grattan has a runaway hit in his portfolio,

it is his best-selling Docked En Rio platform bed, which pulls from Art Deco and Japanese influences.

He created a custom king-size variation for his own sleeping area. “I truly don’t need much more,” he observes.

A guajillo tree perched bedside on a cuboid plinth adds to the room’s tree-house quality.

The minimal space is a testament to his restraint and aesthetic convictions. After all, only a perfectionist would sleep on the floor for more than a year rather than furnish his bedroom with inferior pieces. สถาปนิก

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