In its previous incarnations, the loft was an unarticulated

In its previous incarnations, the loft was an unarticulated 

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In its previous incarnations, the loft was an unarticulated hybrid

of styles that had, Mindel recalls,

“lost its sense of New York City loftness.” No longer:

“My intent was to reference West Side Story.”

The sprinkler pipes aren’t hidden.

The fittings on the sliding doors that cover the elevator are shiny silver,

but definitely industrial in style.

The doors in the master closet are so glossy that the fire escape is reflected on them. And the wall behind the oversize TV in the bedroom is plastered cement, an echo of a wall in the living room.

Star’s current series is Younger.

It’s set in New York, nominally about a 40-year-old single mom who passes herself off as 26 in order to get a job. It stars Sutton Foster,

acclaimed in the city for her work in theater,

and now known in points west for this show.

Is that a break from his tradition? Not really;

as ever, Star has again written warm and credible roles for women. And, as in Sex and the City, his women

“learn from each other, support one another, and work together.”

What’s novel is something he couldn’t do on other shows:

He can look out the window and see the set,

which on this particular day happens to be half a block away.

No wonder, bathed in natural light and cosseted by decor

that doesn’t call attention to itself, he says:

“This building is for my most comfortable self.

I recharge here.” ออกแบบบ้าน