HOME TRENDS-Instagram’s Best Home Updates Just for Renters

HOME TRENDS-Instagram’s Best Home Updates Just for Renters

completely renovated bathroom with pink door, teal cabinetry, new tile

As a renter, I love to find other renters on social media. There is so much inspiration for DIY projects,

and it’s pretty incredible to see how people transform their spaces. I rounded up some of my favorite projects and

asked the people behind them to tell me a bit about the process and cost, and how DIY is doable in a rented home.

Do Some ‘Renovations’
Cyn is laser focused on “renovating” her rented home into a space that is unique and utterly gorgeous.

The updates are so dramatic that you’d never guess they’re renter friendly.

Our favorite example is her bathroom.

“When I moved into my husband’s apartment after we were married, the bathroom was really just about utility more than anything.

There was nothing about it that was appealing or pleasant,” she said. สถาปนิก

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