Best Overall: LifeProof Greystone Oak 12 mm Laminate Flooring

Best Overall: LifeProof Greystone Oak 12 mm Laminate Flooring

Lifeproof Greystone Oak Water Resistant 12 mm Laminate Flooring (16.80 sq.  ft. / case)-HL1314 - The Home Depot

One of the top picks in cheap flooring is laminate. Choosing a laminate floor for your home offers savings, style, and easy installation. Many varieties replicate the look of wood grain, though it’s unlikely to fool anyone into thinking it’s the real deal. However, it offers simple maintenance and is a good choice as cheap flooring for many areas of the home, including living rooms, bedrooms, dining areas, and more.

LIFEPROOF laminate flooring is exclusive to Home Depot and offers great value. The Greystone Oak series, for instance, hovers around $2 per square foot and carries a limited lifetime warranty. This click-lock flooring can be installed over concrete or wooden subfloors, with no underlayment required. Each plank is 12 mm thick for a sturdy feel underfoot.

The biggest weakness of laminate flooring is its susceptibility to water damage, due to the fiberboard core at the center of each plank. However, LIFEPROOF floors offer enhanced water resistance and can withstand moisture from spills if removed within 24 hours. ออกแบบบ้าน


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